Turn heat to medium-high depending on your range; you want it to be hot enough to make "cooked" marks on the ingredients, but you do not want anything to burn, including the oil! I honestly have no idea where I got this wok, but it works wonderfully for cooking "scrambled eggs" and fried rice! I … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE SUPER BETHIO’S VEGAN FRIED RICE (VEGAN FRIED RICE RECIPE!)


Definitive Green Juice Recipe

I have so many "posts" that I want / need to write; I believe I now have 28 "started" and many more ideas jotted on scraps of paper or in my iPhone "notes" or passing ethereally through my mind. There are also many posts I want to write that deal with some of the more … Continue reading Definitive Green Juice Recipe

Saturday Smoothie!

Hello, world! I am going to share with you my go-to recipe for a smoothie today - this is yet another recipe that I have been asked for on Instagram, Twitter, and elsewhere. This is just my most basic of basic smoothie recipes - kind of one of the few I always "go to" when … Continue reading Saturday Smoothie!

Sharing Saturday…? GREEN JUICE RECIPE!

Hello! I hope you are all having not only a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world, but you're having a happy, healthy, enjoyable, and relaxing weekend! Today I am throwing out this idea of "Sharing Saturday" which comes across as perhaps more "intense" than what I mean to convey! At least … Continue reading Sharing Saturday…? GREEN JUICE RECIPE!