Thursday Thought – Help…?

I'm sure you have all heard the adage "God helps those who help themselves." This phrase finds its "origins" all over the globe - from numerous usages by the ancient Greeks to being stated in the Quran and, of course, "our" Western "knowledge" of it from Christian "Holy" scripture. Its history and usage are so … Continue reading Thursday Thought – Help…?


“Tautology” Tuesday – “Know Thyself …”

Those of us with chronic illness often tend to be incredibly introspective - I think this is in and of itself a sort of "tautology" insofar as when we are very ill, we cannot really "do" much but think. I know this is particularly true when I am experiencing a severe flare - I cannot … Continue reading “Tautology” Tuesday – “Know Thyself …”

That “Friday Feeling” – FANTASIES

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you are all having a great day and a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world! The weather here is beautiful today - it is certainly a gorgeous early fall day ... but I know the weather isn't quite as beautiful everywhere right now and my prayers … Continue reading That “Friday Feeling” – FANTASIES


I have started writing several "posts" now for this week but I keep going back to this handful of ideas I have in general so I'm just going with that for now and perhaps next week I will finish up the "almost done" posts. AT ANY RATE! I believe it was on my YouTube channel … Continue reading ‘THINK ABOUT IT’ THURSDAY!

The “Action” of “Acceptance” and the “Action” Inherent in “Faith;” Why God “Doesn’t Give Us More Than We Can Handle” is a Fallacy

Today I went back to visit a friend in Nazareth; I had promised her I would go to church with her so after visiting for a few minutes, we walked up the block to "church." *Funny side note: in Nazareth, there are two "St. John's" churches located literally across the street from one another. "Locals" … Continue reading The “Action” of “Acceptance” and the “Action” Inherent in “Faith;” Why God “Doesn’t Give Us More Than We Can Handle” is a Fallacy