Contour 101 – “KUWTK” Edition … GOD Help Me!

So this is not the "full" post about contouring (there cannot be just one "full post" anyway!) but I'm STILL watching this stupid "KUWTK" because, yet again, I STILL DO NOT "GET IT" and I'm on the episode where Kim launches her "contour sticks" or whatever it is. And I have to say ... WRONG! … Continue reading Contour 101 – “KUWTK” Edition … GOD Help Me!

Coronavirus – Part One

I'm going to make this short and sweet. I want to talk more about this strain of "coronavirus" and get into the most basic medical information regarding it. However, assuming many of those reading this "blog" are those with chronic illness, I want you to do (for now) 3 things for me - 1. DO … Continue reading Coronavirus – Part One


Why is it that so frequently when "adults" go through or see traumatic events they articulate the feeling of needing to procreate? I really do not understand that one....


Imma make this super short. Have you identified your skin "tone" and undertone? The undertone (pink, yellow, etc.) is CRUCIAL - and I actually think it is almost more important than "knowing" what "exact" skin tone you have (that is, what makeup shade "perfectly" matches your skin). Why? Because even if you chose a color … Continue reading MAKEUP 101


I had an interesting feeling come over me today as I was ... strangely enough ... pumping gas into my car (no worries, despite the places your mind might go, the two had absolutely nothing to do with one another). I am SINGLE - the last "long-term" relationship I had was just that - LONG-TERM, … Continue reading Kisses

Why Hello! / I’m Back! / Beginner Makeup Tips!

Hello! I apologize for my extended absence these past few weeks; I had another episode with my eye, I had the flu, I have been at my "second home" (the dentist) more times than I can remember, and I have just been busy overall. I also think I am having some seizures (mild, but still … Continue reading Why Hello! / I’m Back! / Beginner Makeup Tips!