Imma make this super short. Have you identified your skin "tone" and undertone? The undertone (pink, yellow, etc.) is CRUCIAL - and I actually think it is almost more important than "knowing" what "exact" skin tone you have (that is, what makeup shade "perfectly" matches your skin). Why? Because even if you chose a color … Continue reading MAKEUP 101


I had an interesting feeling come over me today as I was ... strangely enough ... pumping gas into my car (no worries, despite the places your mind might go, the two had absolutely nothing to do with one another). I am SINGLE - the last "long-term" relationship I had was just that - LONG-TERM, … Continue reading Kisses

Why Hello! / I’m Back! / Beginner Makeup Tips!

Hello! I apologize for my extended absence these past few weeks; I had another episode with my eye, I had the flu, I have been at my "second home" (the dentist) more times than I can remember, and I have just been busy overall. I also think I am having some seizures (mild, but still … Continue reading Why Hello! / I’m Back! / Beginner Makeup Tips!

I wish I would have been tracking this whole time. — Artslinger19

This is a really good app for anyone who deals with chronic pain. I woke up this morning and started thinking back to all the stuff I’ve bought over the years thinking I was just sleeping wrong , going to bed with a heating pad on high (so glad I didn’t burn myself up on […] … Continue reading I wish I would have been tracking this whole time. — Artslinger19