Nightmares Part … X?

So I have been having very strange nightmares over the last couple of weeks (basically since around the time my flu started). They are strange because they are about an ex-boyfriend with whom I still speak but do not REALLY still love, To clarify that, I love the OLD boyfriend, the one that I knew … Continue reading Nightmares Part … X?

Could Someone Please Explain TO ME?!?

The OBSESSION with Kylie Jenner? I mean, I get that she has money (certainly NOT self-made - hell, Donald Trump probably hustled more for his $$) and people are always entranced by those with money and fame and "power." But what is the "thing" she stands for? Saying what she thinks? If that's what it … Continue reading Could Someone Please Explain TO ME?!?

Another “Dear Grammarly …”

Dear Grammarly - (utilize whatever you like here!) I do not believe the word "explicit" works in the context referred to in your ad. Unless the person writing the "sharp" document was a hard-hitting journalist or a porn star, I would not use the word "explicit." Just an FYI. Thanks much!! ❤ Always, Beth