“Blind” Faith …

So those of you who know me or those of you who have been reading here know I have been having a lot of eye issues again recently. I did manage to get my appointment BACK with my "regular" retinal specialist ... however my vision has been intermittently so bad I cannot see well enough … Continue reading “Blind” Faith …


Thursday Thought – What Makes Someone “Great?”

I'm watching this series on Netflix now about genetic engineering (talk about VeRRRRRRRYYY scAAAAAARRRRRY!); if you haven't watched any o f it, there is a mother who has a child who is losing his vision because of a congenital condition passed down from both father and mother (I won't go into all the details here). … Continue reading Thursday Thought – What Makes Someone “Great?”

Wednesday Wisdom – “Righting Your Heart”

I have been sort of watching (in my "watching way" of leaving shows on while I am doing other things) this Netflix Anime called ピアノの森. It's a little goofy (the attempts at getting the "animation" of piano playing is VERY computerized, if that is a "proper" description), but there was just an interesting line that … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom – “Righting Your Heart”

TALK ABOUT IT TUESDAY! A “Short” Version of My “Behcet’s Story”

I really want to get this "blog" really up and running - there is so much "misinformation" and so little "awareness" about Behcet's, ESPECIALLY moderate-to-severe Behcet's (i.e., "systemic involvement") and it is incredibly important to me for this "blog" to be a source of "reliable" information as well as a place where people with Behcet's … Continue reading TALK ABOUT IT TUESDAY! A “Short” Version of My “Behcet’s Story”

Managing Expectations

I want to make this as brief as I can in order to "train" myself to write shorter posts. For those of us who deal with chronic illness, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that we learn to "manage our expectations." Basically, this means giving up being a blind optimist and giving up being a pessimist based … Continue reading Managing Expectations