Chronic Illness and Fear: Pt. 1

The topic of "Chronic Illness and Fear" could go on indefinitely; it not only affects us when we are faced with definitive physical issues but it slithers its way into every crevice of our lives. Just the fact that our health care providers essentially hold our lives (and aspects of them like the functioning of … Continue reading Chronic Illness and Fear: Pt. 1


Time …

I object to the objections "allowed" in marriage; those words, "speak now, or forever hold your peace" seem like a non-essential decoration more than anything "meaningful." How realistic or likely is it that those who would need to object or want to object would just happen to be in the same place at the same … Continue reading Time …

Friday Facts – What is Behcet’s? (Part One)

Behcet's is at once an "illness" that is easy to describe and yet incredibly difficult to explain. It is very much like an autoimmune disease but it is NOT a "true" autoimmune disease: it is a type of auto-inflammatory vasculitis. I have recently run into a barrage of "fire," as it were, for questioning someone … Continue reading Friday Facts – What is Behcet’s? (Part One)

Wednesday Wisdom – Spending Money

Money is a difficult subject for just about everyone. Talking about "financial success" and spending or even just having money, however, can be a topic that brings absolute panic to someone with chronic illness - it certainly does for me. Aside from chronic illness itself - that is, thinking about how I feel in the … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom – Spending Money