Exciting things ahead!

Hello! I hope you are all having a good day and feeling as well as you can feel right now!

I am just writing a short post (NOT because of psycho psychologist … at least she will remain unnamed!!) to let you all know that I have a few really exciting things happening and coming up! You will all know as soon as I do (or slightly later, depending on what it is!), but it’s good to keep busy when you’re going through hard times, especially when you can make some kind of impact not only that improves your life, but that simultaneously improves the lives of others as well – and that is also something that, in general in life, is very important to me.

There are bigger projects that I would really like to get working on, so stay tuned!

And just because this is a short and “happy” post, I want to hear what great things you all are up to and what you have achieved that has helped you and other people or if you are like me and have several “projects” coming out in the near future! I always love to hear when others who are facing severe chronic illnesses are battling through them in this kind of way, so please leave me a comment!

❤ Always, Beth


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