thankful tuesday

This is something I often forget myself. It became apparent when I started sending messages to my Facebook “friends” going down by alphabetical order (I am only at “G” with a few exceptions). Sometimes you forget that some of the best friends you have ever had are actually still there for you. And … aside from making me cry, because I am just so overwhelmed with everything, I have to say that few things are more “precious” than that.

So for this #thankfultuesday (#thankfulnesstuesday) please remember the people who are out there, wherever in the world they are, that would still drop what they are doing to help you out. We tend to forget these kinds of people – at least people like me do, largely because I AM one of those kinds of friends – so I have to remember that to be remembered, I must remember the others in my life who really matter as well.

The message underlying so many of these past few posts has been that people suck … and honestly, I still stand by that, LARGELY; there are people who will know your story, know about your best friend / “service” animal, know how they are EVERYTHING to you, know that they need help, acknowledge that you have asked for help REPEATEDLY, but never actually help. These are not friends … and I am not quite sure why it is that there is a specific subclass of these people that are so damned difficult to just let go of, but there is and they are. But if you have stepped up as much as possible over years for them and they can’t stand up in one instance for you? You need to move on. I NEED TO MOVE ON. And the Universe or G-D or whatever is just giving me a little reminder that there are still good people I once called good friends out there … I just have to remember them and give them the chance and then I owe it to them to reciprocate.

I hope that has been a helpful post for some of you who are in this kind of position with #friends and #friendships that might seem to be #toxic or just stagnant. I also hope this reminds you that there are people in your past that you have helped … and they haven’t forgotten that. So today, for “#Thankful” #Tuesday, please try to reach out to one friend you haven’t talked with in awhile who is living kind of far away (or very far away!) and just start up a conversation with them. I think you’ll be surprised how happy they will be for it.

❤ Always, Beth


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