So I know I have missed quite a long period of my life in blog posts; with any luck, just by the way I talk, I will eventually cover all the “missed” things. One of these things was adopting a baby brother for Sparky Puck, given his very severe illness and now cancer diagnosis. This cat was with a “relative” (the rescuers were not sure if it was a brother, father, or cousin, but a direct relative and an older relative by about a year); I wrote to the adoption agency and told them that I certainly did not want to break family members up, but if they happened to still be available if anything happened to my baby, I would take both of them. Well, literally the next day, someone adopted the older relative, leaving the little one alone. I don’t think he really understood at first because he acted like his chipper self, with eyes that explored everything around him. However, about a week later, you could tell that he missed his relative and he eventually fell into a stupor lying on a blanket just behind the Petco showroom window … so, me being me, I had to act. And so I adopted this little guy. Lesson learned: DO NOT ADOPT A CAT JUST BECAUSE YOU FEEL BAD FOR THE CAT. *Testimony to this is that we did return the cat and the very next week a husband and wife WITHOUT KIDS OR OTHER PETS ADOPTED HIM, which was truly his next-best option to staying with the relative who had been adopted out.*

At any rate, weeks and months later and a cancer diagnosis later, I have gone through filling out DOZENS of adoption applications and I feel like I have been grilled more than if I were to join the FBI. Some of these “grillers” would not even let me visit the cat before I had to adopt him, and I just can’t do that – especially based on the situation I mentioned above where the adopted cat was terrified of my cat to the point where he hid inside his litter box ALL THE TIME! (What REALLY pisses me off about that though, is that the adoption agency has NOT been back in touch with me about other possible candidates … because I’m a “bad” cat mom? So it would have been better for a 1.5-year-old cat to spend the rest of his life hiding in letterboxes because he was scared of other cats? Let me get this straight, because to me, the answer there is a HARD no; if you cannot get two cats to get along – my cat got along fine, it was the adoptee that was scared of my alpha male – most adoption agencies, this one included, MAKE YOU SIGN THAT YOU WILL RETURN THE CAT TO THE AGENCY! So … what were my better options? Oh, by the by, in the brief time the ONE woman who can make decisions for adoptions in several cities – I will not go into just how ridiculous that is and how unfair that is for the cats! – offered to give me a FEMALE cat, which I had SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED NOT TO HAVE; further, this cat was a FERAL CAT … not a cat that anyone should be trying to adopt out!).

At any rate, finally a few of the fosters came through, and right now we have our little Julius, aka Juju Bee (after the candy because he is so sweet and cute! And Julius was the rescuer’s name for him because he is orange like an Orange Julius!)! I literally JUST got him home, and we are crossing our fingers everything works out … when I went to visit him he always came right up to me, and you can tell he is a very smart cat. We need to give him some faith in good humans to snuggle more, but I think I can make that work! So fingers crossed these two get along and everything goes well with Mr. Juju Bee!!!

I will keep yinz updated, of course!!


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