Fundraising to help save sparky puck

If I have not made this obvious enough, I will state it very clearly and succinctly here –
if Sparky Puck were not here, I wouldn’t be either.

And so I ask … why is it that the MANY people I have helped not even just recently by doing things like giving my personal doctor’s information or donating my time and money to helping vegan organizations who claim they are “FOR THE ANIMALS” (what a farce if ever there were … there might be kind individuals within the / those organizations, but if you gave a rat’s ass about doing things for the animals you would HELP THIS ANIMAL who has been sick since I have been around YOU) … don’t give a f*ck about me or the life of the boy who keeps ME ALIVE? If you have the balls to answer, please do.

I do NOT want to hear that anyone “doesn’t have the money.” If you are online and you are working or taking yourself to doctors and doing things, I guarantee you spend $5 on coffee or take-out food … and even if not, you could spend a day and collect spare change to help out. I’ve done that. In fact, I just cleaned out the change from my car since I took SP to his last surgery and I have collected $3.41 in change; that adds up!!

The point is that I ALWAYS try to help friends in need, whatever that need may be. And I feel completely abandoned here while the thought of losing my boy looms over and inside of me. And the bigger thought that no one cares about him … I can’t write that without being deleted here. What if your pet were in this position and you had the chance to cure him or her but all of YOUR friends decided they wouldn’t help? *Note: that’s not a COULDN’T because, as I said, you can very easily walk the streets and collect change enough to donate a few dollars … or just skip a take-out meal and make something at home for even more $$. This is not sub-Saharan Africa; I don’t know anyone about whom I am talking that is anywhere near starving to death. You might not have TONS of money, but you have enough to help. If 100 people give $5 each, that’s $500 … and that’s far from negligible. And I am not really in the position to hear about pity parties about things that should have been changed decades ago that are negatively affecting “others” now in a financial way because “they” don’t have the balls to say “I’m an adult, f*ck off” to the energy (and here financial) vampires in their lives. Of course, “these same people” were the ones I told had to put up with the side effects of certain meds (not ADVERSE EVENTS like allergic reactions or heart arrhythmias, &c.) in order to get better … and “they” didn’t listen … and all that will come of that is that “these people” WILL have to live their entire lives fighting Behçet’s, which is a much nastier disease than the side effects of the meds used to treat it are (see just about every lecture Dr. Yazici has online!).

So right now I will leave you all with an anecdote about one of my few supporters. I don’t want to give too much away but he suffers from severe chronic illness, has had a terrible run for not only his life but especially the last few years … and he is living out of a van. And you know what he said to me? He said something along the lines of “I know $5 isn’t a lot … but as soon as I get my next paycheck I will be sure to donate more.” Does that make the rest of you feel like assholes? Because it should.


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