I am not ready to lose sparky puck … and he is just starting to feel good after a year. he deserves everything.

Today I finally made an appointment that isn’t a month+ out for Sparky Puck to get his radiation / other treatments for adenocarcinoma. This is not going to be an inexpensive treatment course, and I can’t say much before I just break down, but I wanted everyone who reads this to know that I am in need of help (we’re looking at $10,000 in oncology costs after the $10,000 I have already scrounged to pay for his care over the last 8-9 months). I could go on forever about this little guy, but for now I will just leave the link and hope you will help him out – he really is a miracle boy! Also, if you know others who might want to help or would help, please feel free to share this. Thanks much and I hope you are all doing well wherever you are in the world.

❤ Beth



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