How is it that people manage to write one-line comments regarding very complex social issues and injustices? Actually, regarding just about anything, how do people manage just to write one line? I have an extensive vocabulary and I try to make sure I am learning new words in English as well as in other languages; one of the first “allergists” I saw taught me what he taught his son; to take a pencil every time you read and when you see a word you don’t know, write it down, look it up, and memorize. Use a Post-It note or a page marker for every page you read on which you didn’t know what a word meant. Your vocabulary will blow your mind, I promise!! I mean, it was great advice before the Internet was so all-encompassing and it still is great advice, made easier by just that progress.

See? Even making a remark / comment about the space of remarks/ comments I cannot contain what I have to say – and I have not even used any specific “jargon” that would relate back to the aforementioned “technique” of learning words. (OH! It works VERY well for foreign languages as well and it helps very much with reading comprehension and writing – obviously! – but those are aspects of language I think we often neglect in these days of texts and typing!) Nothing erudite about any of this!!

All jokes aside, I really do not personally understand how so many people can condense “comments” into the space of one or two lines. How do you convey anywhere near the entirety of what you MEAN to say in that much space?

I’d love some answers! I have some GREAT NEWS and HELPFUL POSTS (I hope, at least!) on the way … but I have to get up again VERY, VERY early … and i’m working on about 2 hours of sleep from last night as it is. So for tonight, I bid you all a short adieu, and I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day no matter where you ae in the world!

❤ Always, Beth


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