May I Be “So” Bold …

… as to state that so-called “first world” or “developed” countries should be living … well, not EXACTLY like this (stockpiling canned fruit and toilet paper does not make for much in the way of … anything, at least with any bit of luck …) … but if we were to somehow “merge” the “European” and “Japanese” (I cannot speak to other Asian countries much and I cannot really speak much to Britain because I think their food purchasing is more like ours than habits might be on “the Continent”) way of shopping more or less daily for what we NEED and CAN USE with the way in which we must live much more “conservatively” now (and really, are we REALLY suffering? I mean, aside from the very ill people here and around the world … I mean, other than not having ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING available at our fingertips 24/7 … have we lost MUCH? I feel like in some ways we have GAINED more in terms of values and what “matters” in life – things like health, concern for the health of your friends and family, your friends and family, and the SECURITY YOU HAVE AROUND YOU THAT ENABLES YOU TO – at least for now – “RIDE OUT THE STORM.”).

To me, we don’t “need” the “wants” – to have everything one wants or to be easily able to GET close to everything one wants leaves no room for want and where there is no want there is no room for improvement, be that in work or in doing for others, &c. To me, hidden by the foggy future there is a FOREST filled with reminders of what and who we are and what it is we REALLY need as human beings. And this “situation” does very much bring everyone from every corner of the globe in every demographic down to the same place – and although the cause is very bad, perhaps we need to see the “side effects” as being very good.

Just a thought.

I hope you are all well, with that thought in mind. Please stay safe, stay well, STAY AT HOME!!!

❤ Always, Beth


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