A Quick Question

I apologize for being largely absent during this very trying time … especially for those of you out there who are also dealing with the somewhat absolute “seclusion” that comes from “self-isolating” in the face of a global pandemic.

This post has nothing to do with that. I know we are where we are and I know “we” can “do better,” but I think for now, for those of us who ARE staying “home” as we are told, a break in the relentless COVID-19 barrage is incredibly beneficial.

So I am just going to ask anyone who reads this to please comment below (if you would like to do so anonymously or with a different name, it’s absolutely a-okay by me!). What are the qualities that combine to make you consider an individual “beautiful?” What ONE quality jumps out at you the most (physical or mental or spiritual or emotional, &c.!)? I’d really love to hear your answers because this is something I am thinking about – at least in part – a lot lately.

I guess I will start. I think I consider an inherent kindness that is not externally motivated as “beautiful.” And I think going one step further, I think that sort of “beauty” is only magnified when one also has a quirky side / an impish side / the “puck” of my Sparky Puck. It is that smirking empathy that I find to be absolutely … beautiful.

I really would love to hear from you! I will check back in when I can! For now and until this whole fiasco goes away, I pray each and every one of you is staying safe and staying well. And my HEART is ALWAYS with you….

❤ Always, Beth


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