This is going to be the shortest of short posts.

I am really BEGGING all of you just to stay home. This doesn’t just go for those of us with severe chronic illness or even minor chronic illness – this goes for ALL OF US. Today I had to meet briefly with my mother but we still kept 6’+ apart. You know how awful it is not to be able to hug your family? Can you IMAGINE what it would feel like if you were never able to hug them again? Because that is a very real possibility here. The longer we drag this sh!t on by going out and encountering others and other things who and that might be “contaminated” or “contagious,” the longer we will have to “wait it out” and the more people we will lose, the more money we will lose, the more EVERYTHING WE WILL LOSE, There are otherwise “healthy” people dying from this thing, so get your sh!t together and sit your ass down. Find a project. Set up your old video game systems. Get out a reading list. Work on learning a new language or on refreshing your speaking and listening and writing skills for languages you have learned in the past. Play an instrument. Start a garden. Take a walk (again, with DISTANCE between yourself and others). But it needs to stop. And the ONLY WAY IT WILL STOP IS IF WE STOP THE SPREAD SO THAT THOSE WHO ARE NOW ILL AND THOSE WHO WILL BECOME ILL WILL EMERGE … AND IF WE ALL JUST SAT IT OUT, IN A FEW WEEKS, THIS WOULD BE OVER. TRUST ME, THIS IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE IN WAYS FEW OF US CAN IMAGINE IF WE KEEP DRAGGING IT OUT.

That’s all I have for now. I’m kind of rage-y about it. Endangering the lives of others is NEVER okay.

For those of you who are “riding out the storm,” THANK YOU. For the medical professionals on the “front lines” of this BS, THANK YOU. I pray for you more times in a day than I can count. I hope you all stay safe and stay well….

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