My prayers go out for the safety of so many people … but I just want to say that I am hardcore praying for the safety and wellness of dentists because they really are at a MUCH greater danger than most others…. That scares me a lot.

At any rate, my prayers and thoughts are with all of you as well – please try just to stay home and let the time pass. As my friend says “if they tell you to stay home, they’re not saying it for no reason!” And how right she is!! Things have looked better, no doubt, but I also believe that if we hold ourselves AND OTHERS responsible, we are still in a position to get ahead of this thing before it gets completely out of control. And I really really REALLY hope I do not regret saying that.

At any rate, I hope you are having a happy and healthy day or night wherever you are in the world and I hope you too are praying and hoping for the well-being of others and for those in the medical field (in various manners) who are so frequently put in much greater danger than we are. *For instance, a dentist or dental “specialist” would not really be able to just “shut down” and stay home for awhile…. People still have teeth and teeth that need treatment….* At any rate, my heart is ALWAYS with you!!!

❤ Always, Beth


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