Imma make this super short.

Have you identified your skin “tone” and undertone? The undertone (pink, yellow, etc.) is CRUCIAL – and I actually think it is almost more important than “knowing” what “exact” skin tone you have (that is, what makeup shade “perfectly” matches your skin). Why? Because even if you chose a color that is too light or too dark for your skin tone or too yellow if you have a yellow undertone, you can compensate by utilizing contour (darker) shades and highlight (lighter) shades to even everything out; you can also go over everything with a “universal” powder (something that would be either fair/light or dark/deep, for instance) to even everything out.

HOWEVER! In my many “makeup journeys,” I have learned that even a BB or CC Cream that is more or less the same undertone as your skin can work very well … IFF (if and only if!) you also have the shade OPPOSITE your undertone color. I will give you a personal example. I have a very solid yellow undertone (don’t ask me why … I have no idea … it just is!). I have several shades of foundation that are a little “too yellow” and I have one CC Cream that IS “yellow.” HOWEVER, rather than just tossing the shades that just don’t “quite” match or make my skin look jaundiced, I use a PURPLE powder instead of another yellow or “universal”-type powder to “cancel out” the glaring yellow tones. Use the color wheel!

Whatever your “undertone” color is, find the color “opposite” to it on the color wheel (which I have provided above for your convenience 😀 ). Sometimes you might have to slightly “adjust” the color; for instance, sometimes something that is slightly more blue actually works well for me if the makeup I am wearing is slightly TOO yellow. Try this trick out – if you want, let me know how it works! Knowing your undertone is an incredibly useful tool that I will come back to time and again in future posts – so please take note! It is also very useful even for picking out clothing and accessories and knowing what kinds of colors work for your hair, etc. It really is an important part of “beauty” in every sense of the word. AND if you have makeup that is slightly “too yellow” or “too pink,” etc., you can correct that easily without having to throw $$$ down the drain!

At any rate, that is my quick post for right now! I hope that was helpful and if you do not already use this tip and know your undertone – please do so (on both accounts!). I really hope you are all having a happy and healthy week and I hope and pray (hard!) you all stay healthy and happy during this quasi-scary time … in time (with global warming – I SAID IT! – things are only going to get worse, folks, so please be as prepared as you can be!). My HEART IS ALWAYS WITH YOU!!!!

❤ Always, Beth


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