Could Someone Please Explain TO ME?!?

The OBSESSION with Kylie Jenner? I mean, I get that she has money (certainly NOT self-made – hell, Donald Trump probably hustled more for his $$) and people are always entranced by those with money and fame and “power.” But what is the “thing” she stands for? Saying what she thinks? If that’s what it is, let’s back it up right there because as you look at her face and figure over the years she has mimicked the surgery (it might just be fat injections and lipo … but those boobs? Saying it from someone who had legit big boobs at that age and who had friends with legit big boobs at that age – they don’t naturally do … “that.”) of her sister and has tried (or seemed to have tried) to be so “multi-racial” when she is as white as white gets ethnically (seriously, there are more different ethnicities in my lower half than in her entire …. “self….:); which seems, to me, like racial / “cultural” appropriation in and of itself?  And let’s not forget the ACTUAL racial / “cultural” appropriation. And let’s not forget the ACTUAL fact that given how MUCH $$$ this chick has, where it goes (i.e., there hasn’t been a lot of change anywhere in the world because of this family, let’s just say that!). AND let’s not forget what people ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE AT THAT AGE – SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A 20-SOMETHING GIRL! She looks like she could be 40, maybe 45. Like I don’t know if it’s her demonic mother’s insistence that she gets ahead of aging by doing this or her insecurity with herself and having to look like Kim, but it’s something. I don’t know the chick personally; would I like to? Sure. I’d like to give her a chance, because in my opinion, I don’t see much except a vapid insecure wreck with limitless funds.

Which brings me to THE POINT of this post (again, please bear with me – I AM just getting over a flu and yesterday I was going from legit 4AM to about 11PM … and that was just 2 days after getting “over” the flu and 2 weeks overdue for my Actemra injection because of said flu!) – that is, WHY ARE PEOPLE OBSESSED WITH THIS KYLIE CHARACTER? Honestly, I would REALLY REALLY REALLY love to know, because I do not understand it at all. In fact, I actually know quite a few REAL people (i.e., people whose procedures have ended at botox) who are legit better-looking and less FAKE-looking that this girl. And as for feeling bad? I think it’s summed up in this “new” Hulu show in which she says something to the effect of “OH THERAPY! I SHOULD GO TO THERAPY! WRITE THAT DOWN!” Like honey, you have no idea how badly you “should” go to therapy (like … with a completely “objective” therapist therapy….). And I just hate that airheaded act they all put on (like … she honestly did seem like a more “interesting person” before her umm … “makeoverS?”). At any rate, if you happen to be a fan, let me know why! PLEASE! I don’t get it at all! Like is it just a follower thing or do people legitimately like her for something? And don’t say the lips because that’s an empire built on lies. Which is based on an empire built on lies. And lewd behavior. Built on … lies! Anyway, if you could explain to this, I would legitimately be most appreciative!

I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world! I hope you manage to avoid the flu (it is NOT TOO LATE TO GET YOUR FLU SHOT – I WAS DUE FOR MY SECOND FLU SHOT YESTERDAY BUT SINCE I HAD THE FLU WITHIN 30 DAYS I COULDN’T GET IT!) because I have been told by MULTIPLE doctors that this is an extraordinarily bad year for bugs of all kinds. Be careful out there! And to summarize the “purpose” of this post, always stay bloody TRUE TO YOURSELF! Have some fun for me, kiddies!

❤ Always, Beth

P.S. Kylie Jenner Productions. Really??? If you didn’t want “all this,” you could easily get out. Maybe not “easily,” but it’s the same thing – it seems “you” say one thing and do another. Like, move to a remote part of Canada and have the farm. If I had the $$ to do it, I would be there in a hot minute. Fly myself back to the East Coast for doctor appointments. Done. Maybe it’s that crazy family narcissist codependent mother thing; I can say that because I dated a guy who came from such a family for a long time … and although there were members of that family I genuinely believed would “get out,” in the end, none of them did…. And it was a HUGE family…. Just saying.

AND I just cannot understand how someone can buy the most expensive cars and multiple multi-million dollar houses and be okay with himself or herself. That goes for anyone. There are people IN THIS COUNTRY who are working their asses off and still cannot afford a roof over their heads or to put food on the table for their kids. Like … if you’re not putting a LOT of that money to good use, I am someone who is of the opinion that it’s just kind of … gross. That’s the best euphemism I can think of for what I mean to say regarding that one. I consider myself very fortunate to have the things I have and the things I have are little and often not great and all of them are very precariously maintained. But compared with most people on the planet? I am extremely fortunate. And yes, I do donate money as much as I can (I do not have a lot), I volunteer when I can (I am looking for more opportunities to do so now!), and I HAVE volunteered extensively in the past. Like, if you want to be “real,” get real.

And just to add to that note, I have been in the place where I have tried to fill the massive “voids” in my life with physical things. IT NEVER WORKS. Not for long. So just avoiding actually confronting the voids (that is physically obvious in the above example) and spending more and more money on oneself ultimately leads to more unhappiness. It’s a vicious cycle, no doubt. And it’s not helping yourself or the world / others.

Oh, and yes. I have some “rare” qualities about my body … I guess that’s an appropriate way to phrase that? Like, if I posted pictures of my boobs and myself half naked or in tight clothes on social media I’m quite sure I’d gather up the “followers” pretty quickly as well. But that is NOT what I want for my life (not now, at any rate). I am far too intelligent to want ever really to rely on my appearance in any capacity. If that makes sense. Like … I have done that in the past to some extent and it made me feel absolutely AWFUL about myself. What makes me feel good about myself? Disseminating information and helping others and cultivating my talents to the greatest extent physically possible. At any rate, I’m ending this rant now! Take care, yinz!


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