A Tough Question

So I am … SICK. Sick sick. I hope not “flu” sick … but definitely sick. At any rate, this “tough question” has nothing to do with chronic illness or being sick … at least not initially (there are nuances to everything … and everything leads to further questioning!). So, once again, if you feel comfortable answering, please do so! And if you do not, but want to answer, feel free to contact me privately! At any rate, here is the “tough question” of the day –

“Do you believe it is ‘okay’ / ‘justifiable’ for those who do not have enough money even to feed / house themselves to have many children? Is there a difference between those who live in ‘First World’ / ‘developed’ countries and those who live in places like Sub-Saharan Africa or the Indian Subcontinent or other generally ‘impoverished’ places?”

I really would like to hear what others have to say about this one because – if you couldn’t already tell – it is a topic I try to understand but really seem to be unable to / I do not understand it.

So, throw in your answers – no judgments, honestly, and I say that because my “answer” to that question is very “judgey,” I suppose!

Need to get in my immunoglobulin. Hope to be back soon!

❤ Always, Beth


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