“Unspeakable Tragedies…?”

An “unspeakable tragedy” is something like what is being done to the people in our INTERNMENT CAMPS right here and now. It is like knowing people who die because they were sick and had to keep working through things like cancer because they wouldn’t have been able to have health insurance otherwise. It is something like 9/11. It is something like what is happening in much of Mexico, Central, and South America among other insanely corrupt countries (ehhh….). It is the mass deaths of people from preventable illness … it is the mass death count of people who died from any illness, really.

It is sad when someone dies. It is very sad when a few people die. It is very sad when someone who has stood legitimately in the public light dies. But an “unspeakable tragedy?” I would never want to lose anyone I know, especially a family member, in this kind of way. Of course, I don’t think that would happen considering private means of flight are not readily accessible to those of us who hustle for the dollars in the singles, tens, and hundreds range: and, of course, no one ever said said means of transport were necessarily “safe.” You’d probably be better off taking a Southwest flight … just saying. At any rate, I do not mean to make light of anything sad … but let’s not throw around words that carry more weight than what you mean to say. Celebrity does not, necessarily, make anyone more or less valuable. I would suggest learning your rhetoric before aiming for more “grandiose” endeavors, but that message will never be heard … heh.

My apologies – I have needed to get some of the sarcasm out of my system. And again, I legitimately do not mean to lessen the value of any one person’s life (or several lives), but those lives are the same as those lost every day and by countless others in the last 24 hours as well. It is sad, yes; it is terribly sad, yes; it is heartbreaking, yes. It is perhaps anathematic? Sure. But an “unspeakable tragedy?”

I’ll leave that up to the judges (God help us all!)….

❤ Always, Beth

P.S. My apologies as well for the slightly “esoteric” rant there. I have been told many of my “rants” and posts in general are, at best, puzzling in nature. Just iterating “facts.” I’m perfectly okay with that and GOD knows I have plenty more where all of THAT came from! Have a lovely, happy, and healthy day, yinz – and please be careful (and cognizant) when contemplating the purchase of personal aerial transport.

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