A Question for My Fellow Spoonies

A quick post with a quick question for my fellow “spoonies” / those of you with chronic illness that affects your ability to function “normally” (i.e., work, go to school, &c.) – HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH INCONSIDERATE “HEALTHY” PEOPLE? People like neighbors who don’t care if they’re bothering you and others like this (I have dealt with this in school as well, but it’s the worst to deal with when it’s at the place where you are supposed to be able to REST and get “better”)? If you do not mind leaving a comment – or sending me one privately – I would really like to know! I will be the first to admit I often lack “tact” when it comes to dealing with others – especially healthy people who do nothing (that is, do not work BY CHOICE, do not go out and volunteer BY CHOICE, &c.) and healthy people who don’t care if they are bothering others and who those others might be (and what problems they might have). So yes … some “help” in this arena would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!

❤ Always, Beth


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