The “Kardashians / Jenners”

So I could go on about this “topic” for a long time. To draw the line here, I am NOT a fan of this bunch (if you did not know that already about me!); so if you’re still suckered in to the whole KKKKKKomplex, I’m sure you won’t want to read this or similar posts; I’m totally okay with that. We can all have different opinions and as long as those opinions are “valid” and consistent with the values for which we stand (that’s another post unto itself as well!), it’s nothing but beneficial to have a full spectrum of opinions.

With that said I am just going to talk about one “issue” that “bothers” me regarding the aforementioned “people.” I was reading an article last night about “why you shouldn’t hate the Kardashians” – basically, the idea behind said article was that although these people were born into fame and fortune and given a “boost” by Ryan Seacrest, each of the “sisters” have gone on to create their “own” brands and build them up from the ground up, often engaging in a series of such entrepreneurial endeavors. The “argument,” therefore, was that “in reality,” each of these “people” worked her ass off (heh) to build companies and have self-promoted them to the massive “successes” they are today.

I take no issue with the idea of hustling and creating various businesses. I take no issue with the fact that this is often something “taught” to us by our parents; that is, that the “hustling” spirit to do do do and create create create is something that does, very much, tend to run in families. Where I take issue with all of this is the idea that they did any of this “from the ground up” and that the hustling was necessarily difficult because building a brand of any kind is difficult. That last bit is true – building a brand is difficult … but you know what’s REALLY difficult? Building a brand when you have no money or you’re from a politically corrupt country or part of the world or when you have very serious health problems that prevent you from really tackling every tiny piece of the puzzle that must be completed in order to start one’s own “brand,” for instance.

I will use my own family as an example. We do not have any “name” of “fame” behind us. None. However, every single one of us HUSTLES like mad when we can – myself included. I will not get into the details about all of the endeavors in which I am currently involved, but let’s say that writing this blog and trying to bring “awareness” to very serious chronic illness and / or disability is a very small part of what I am doing every day just to “make ends meet.” I am also involved in business in many areas. I am also involved in art. I am also involved in music. The same can be said of every single person in my “immediate family” (the actual areas might be different, but I hope you catch my drift, so-to-speak!). And yet are any of us millionaires or billionaires? NO! Does anyone even laugh if someone hasn’t heard of us? HELL NO! It’s a funny question in and of itself! It just goes to show that you’re not going to “make it” very quickly if you do not have the “springboard” and the connections (especially when you are battling something like severe chronic illness and you NEED HELP just getting through your daily activities) that not only propel you into the limelight where people are aware of your “brands” and therefore can see them and buy into them but tell you every step you need to take in order to build a brand (and there is a LOT of legal stuff involved – it is not “easy” by any means and you really do have to know the ins and outs – even if you’re “rich” – see “Taylor Swift.”). So no, I am not particularly impressed by the “hustling” of the aforementioned “people” because those of us trying to GET somewhere and make real waves in the world are already doing this. And if you were getting paid millions or hundreds of millions of dollars to do something and with MASSIVE ASSISTANCE FROM OTHERS, I’m quite sure that all but the sickest among us could muster up the strength to get in on that $$ and “build our brands from the ground up.”

This is just a “primer” into my thoughts on this particular group of “people” (and yes, I do not use the word “individual(s)” intentionally and I do use the word “people” cautiously). I do very much believe that if one has worked hard it is fine and dandy to “spoil” oneself; but there comes a point where the 0’s at the end of a number are just that – and if you’re not using them to better the world (and not just for your benefit and your sense of “feeling good” but so YOUR CHILDREN have a WORLD in which to actually live and thrive!), I just ain’ got no room in my heart for you. And yes, I have heard “they don’t have a bad word to say about anyone.” Neither would I if I had that kind of $$$$.

And on that slightly sour / salty note, I’m off to HUSTLE some more. I do hope you are all having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world and I hope you all have a wonderful week! I will be back soon – and, with luck, with a more “positive” topic. *Notice how many legit “smiles” you see come from these “people” as well…. JUST SAYING!*

❤ Always, Beth


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