Be Wary of …

… anyone who gets “giddy” or “excited” when uttering something along the lines of “I’m ADULTING!” “Adulting,” my friend(s), is not something that is terribly exciting nor adventurous. Paying taxes, having to work long hours at jobs you often dislike, having no time for yourself, having to pay bills and find insurance for everything, making sure there is enough food on the table and enough meds for everyone who needs them, &c. &c. &c. These are not “fun” things. I know I am somewhere in the “middle” of this very strange generation (the younger end tends to find “fun” in these sorts of banalities … most frequently because they have a large network upon which to fall if their “adulting” should fail them), but I do find it incredibly difficult both as a person and as a “spoonie” to understand that kind of thinking.

Just thinking aloud again 🙂

❤ Always, Beth


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