Hello again, my loves!

So I am writing because 1. I am awake and must have been rudely awakened by the low voice and banging of the weirdo(s) downstairs (as I have come to tell my friends and family – if you ever cannot find me, look for the weirdos and creeps and I’m bound to be close by!); there was just a very loud “BANG!” like … there are other people here and we ARE trying to sleep! And you know she ain’ cleaning, just saying! At any rate, I am writing because I am awake and in my insomnia I have been contemplating what I have been complementing very frequently as of late – that is, my “return” to YouTube. Now, I fully realize it sounds a little goofy when I say this / that because I was never “big in YouTube,” as it were. However, I did gain a fairly constant group of friends and audience members and I really just have so much to say and I want to get back into it again.

With THAT said, I realize the NEW (*cough cough* from a few years ago …) YouTube “rules” dictate you cannot become a “paid” partner until you reach 1,000 subs. I think I have the hours thing down without too much trouble. But it’s those SUBS! So, if you are reading this, please take a moment and head over to:


and check out some of my OLD videos, I would be much appreciative – and subscribe while you’re at it! I’ll give you a big ol’ air handshake, I promise!!!

Now, with THAT said, I want to say that the direction my channel was going was “unsustainable” for me in every way possible. I am trying to work out a way that I can talk about things that are very important to me (makeup IS important to me – it is, without question, a way those of us with chronic illness can make ourselves feel somewhat “normal” sometimes) that actually WORKS within the confines of actual chronic illness (which is yet ANOTHER topic I want to discuss!). So, that is to say, I want my channel to start to go in a slightly different direction – I was much younger in these older videos, and the years between then and now have opened my eyes to many “life realities” and I think it’s important for me and for anyone who “follows” me and what I am doing to have that kind of understanding and “life experience” behind me.

That is really all I wanted to say here! The crazies downstairs are still going *smacks head* – I think I am just going to have to complain because I am not allowed to play the piano past 9PM so why should I be subjected to a loud mumbling all night?? I am paying like … all my dollahs right now.

I hope you are all sleeping more soundly than I am! And I hope you are having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world!

❤ Always, Beth


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