Succinct-ify THAT Sunday!

In my last long post (earlier today!) the basic “idea” I’m driving at and driving MYSELF toward is to try to be “a voice” within the “Chronic Illness Community” that is less showcase-y and less sad. There is already so much sadness and so many bad things we deal with on a daily basis – I started this “blog” in order to try to portray MY OPINIONS (and perhaps the opinions of others in situations like or unlike mine!) about LIFE in general. I stand very firmly by my belief that although we have chronic illness(es) and those “afflictions” have largely shaped us into who we are today, we ARE A SUM THAT IS MADE UP OF MANY PARTS – many of which have nothing to do with chronic illness!

So to SUCCINCT-IFY THAT, I just want to re-state my “purpose” here; that in writing in this “blog” and in writing / photographing, &c., on “Social Media,” and perhaps in my eventual return to YouTube, I want to be the VOICE that SCREAMS TO THE REST OF THE WORLD THAT WE ARE HERE AND WE HAVE THESE ILLNESSES BUT THAT WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE AND SO MUCH MORE TO SHARE – and there is so much JOY and LOVE and FUN in that! I know life can be extraordinarily difficult – we all know that – so let’s move on with it and utilize what perspectives and ideas and “gifts” our illnesses have given to us and to help make the rest of the world a better place.

I hope you are all having a happy and healthy weekend and end to 2019. I have had a truly life-changing year in so many ways – some for the “better” and some for the “worse,” but it has been a year in which I have learned so much about myself and about “life” in general (at least from my perspective!). I hope you will all help me out in this “journey” because I do feel it is one whose path hasn’t really been “defined” yet – there are many people out there with chronic illnesses who are doing wonderful things to bring awareness to their illnesses (that is part of my goal, yes) and there are wonderful people out there doing their own things and just carrying their illnesses with them in the background. I really want to fight it out so “healthy, average” people KNOW what we go through and so that they KNOW we are still PEOPLE, no matter how we might be treated. There is so much to do in life and so little time, so I really do hope you will help me see this one through 😉

Thanks much and ❤ Always, Beth


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