2 Points …

  1. At least as far as I know – I could be very wrong – “blogging” requires writing of some kind. And writing that involves more than the creation of a list of self-absorbed superlatives that collectively imply you think you’re hot sh!t.
  2. I have been sad. And I am very sad.

    The end.

    I will elaborate on point 2 as soon as I am able. I am very seriously thinking about returning to YouTube (please go check my channel out – I am “THE SPOONIE SENSEI” here and everywhere else!) because I am the point at which my health has improved PERHAPS enough for me to get a video out every now and then … and articulating what I am feeling and what I know others are feeling (the unspoken-for) would be much easier if I could convey such a combination of sentiments both in words and in images.

    At any rate, I hope this “holiday season” is being a little easier on my fellow “I got sick at the ‘prime of my life'” spoonies. I know I have already said it, but this is a particularly difficult time of the year….

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