Some Quick “Advice” (FOR ME TOO!)

I often think about “guardian angels” – the stories behind that thinking are numerous and long, so I will not bore you with them here right now. However, I have also been thinking about some of the people in my life and people who have come and gone and how I have come and gone in the lives of others as well. I often liken my personal “story” to date to the story of “Job;” I don’t know if this is a great analogy for one to have, but there are so many times (and have been countless more) during which I question if “God” or the “Universe” has doled out suffering just to see how I endure – I’m SURE those of you who have personally struggled with chronic illness or who have been very close to those who have can understand the emotional parallels there. At any rate, I have been thinking that regardless of suffering, it is important to go in and out of the lives of others as if one WERE an “angel.” That is, to bring as much kindness and compassion as you can to others – to bring laughter and joy to others and not to HARM others to the best of your ability. I know this can be an extremely challenging and daunting task, but I think, in general, as long as you are not being the proverbial “doormat,” it is the best way to “behave” with others. As I have said here countless times, you never know what other people are really going through (even those closest to you at times), so as long as it doesn’t HURT YOU, it doesn’t hurt to be as kind and as pleasant as possible.

Okay! Have a great one, yinz!

❤ Always, Beth

P.S. Referring to my last “post” – can you tell I’m absolutely TERRIBLE with “endings?” It’s ironic because as far as “academia” is concerned, I often find writing the END of papers and theses, &c., the easiest “part” of writing! TO BE CONTINUED….


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