The Wisdom of K-Dramas / “K-Soaps”

No matter what you call them or how you feel about them, there is often a little bit of wisdom in these shows! The little snippet I picked up today went something like this –

“You have to take good care of your body, especially when your heart is weary.”

I think those of us who face a LIFE of chronic illness tend to neglect the truth in the interdependence between the physical and the mental / emotional. We must take good care of our bodies all the time (because if we don’t, we know what BAD really is … and we often face BAD even when we take excellent care of our bodies) and we must also take care of our minds and hearts. I know I often fail to ACKNOWLEDGE the very deep way in which chronic illness has altered my life – and in that, there is anxiety, there is immense pain, there is an even more immense sadness, and so much more. So by “default,” those of us who have faced chronic illness for years and years must go out of our way to take good care of ourselves, both physically and mentally.

I was just talking with my mother about the effects of “aging” on the body – I am a believer of “you are as old as you think you are” … but there are definitely times even now when I can sense the way in which time has affected my body. You can’t do the same things in your 50s as you did in your 20s (I am not in my 50s yet – just an example!) – you have to take better care of your body with age and with time – it is almost like another factor that causes stress, just like chronic illness.

Just the wisdom of “K-Drama” for the day 😉

❤ Always, Beth


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