The Wisdom of … Japanese Reality Shows…?

It’s not really a question. I am far from “well versed” in Japanese Reality TV but from the few shows I have seen, there could be books written on the differences between Japanese Reality Shows and Reality shows from the US and “the West.” At any rate, I am currently watching a show and a question to the cast of commentators came up – “what is the importance of having dreams?”

It’s an interesting question. I think a lot of people either don’t really have “dreams” or “go with the flow” of where their lives take them; I think another sizeable percentage of people have their “dreams” dictated to them by their families. And, of course, there is the very sad reality that a majority of HUMANS on Earth might have dreams but do not have the means to pursue them. However, the question here is not “is it important to pursue your dreams?” but rather “what is the importance in having dreams?” I think it’s important to note the distinction especially given the fact that those of us writing these things and reading them (and watching these shows) are really in the “most fortunate” categories of humans on this planet. I will leave the former question in the “parallel” above for another post, but for now, I would like to answer that I think it is CRUCIAL in life to have dreams – especially for that “majority” who cannot necessarily follow them and for those of us whose lives have dealt us difficult hands in other ways. It seems almost counterintuitive for me to say this because contemplating one’s “dream” and realizing it might never be accomplished BECAUSE of external factors / factors outside of one’s control (such as chronic illness or poverty or political corruption, &c.) tends to lead to extreme sadness. HOWEVER, to have the dream in the first place is a means of maintaining HOPE – and, as I mentioned in my last post, HOPE IS A KEY (IF NOT THE KEY) TO PUSHING THROUGH WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY AND THE GROUND FALLS OUT FROM UNDER YOU. Having dreams are a way for us to have a happy “fantasy” for the future – if we fail to have that dream, we let “reality” win and end up leading a life that is … meaningless? What is a life that has no dream? Is that one of the major problems facing the current youth in first-world countries now? There are so many questions that arise from this one question, but to me, as a person who has chronic illness, remember your dreams and RESHAPING them as time goes on is absolutely crucial in order to live what I would consider a “meaningful life.” Your dreams can change over time – I’m sure your “dreams” now are very different than from when you were a child (well, for most people!) – and that’s great. But just to have that future goal or hope floating around by the horizon that you can focus on and wake up thinking about is something that I would consider truly priceless. I think it is terribly sad if one doesn’t have “dreams;” to me, that is something like the product of having TOO MUCH afforded to one in one’s life (i.e., too “few” problems – and yes, I do believe in that) or the result of being in just such devastating conditions that you can’t dream (like if you were not only impoverished in a corrupt country but you had to sell yourself as a small child and there was absolutely no way out of that situation and there was nothing but the same all around you and illness and lack….). It is just … kind of an ultimate sadness to me to think that one could genuinely not have any dreams for his or her life.

The question about the importance of having dreams was asked as a result of two “cast members” in this show discussing the fact that they didn’t have dreams “per se.” I would believe that these people were either given too much in life (again, not “enough” problems) or simply didn’t have a definitive idea of a “dream.” Again, both the former and latter ideas are thoughts that merit their own discussions. But for here and for now, I would like to state that I think it’s incredibly important to have dreams – even if you think they are absolutely foolish and silly and things you will never see through. Why? Because that shows that you have HOPE. And, AGAIN, I really do believe that hope is EVERYTHING.

I hope you are all having a happy and healthy evening or day wherever you are in the world and I will be back soon soon soon with much more to discuss!!

❤ Always, Beth


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