A Quick Thought – No “Relation” to Thanksgiving, Necessarily …

I have been thinking a lot about a handful of certain things lately – I don’t want to delve into any of them now because they have been causing me to have very severe panic attacks and I am working on ways to try to combat them myself before confronting them PUBLICLY here.

At the same time, as per a previous post – the one about whether or not it is wrong for a person to laugh at the “expense” of others even when said others couldn’t ever know – I have been laughing a LOT. I suppose this brings together another “idea” I mentioned in ANOTHER previous post (one about how if you “achieve” a goal by means of STEPPING ON OTHERS and you haven’t really ACHIEVED that goal yourself, why and how do people claim that they do? BUT THEY DO!). Which brings me to the “thought of the moment” – how can you genuinely respect someone for things that person has done WHEN DOING THOSE THINGS WERE MANDATORY – i.e., the person was a very young child and had no other choice. It’s kind of like … if I were to respect someone FOR playing the piano because his parents made him start playing the piano at age 3 and he had to practice 12 hours a day for 15 years. Can you actually RESPECT someone for that? What if that child would have been beaten if he did not obey the “request” of his parents? To me, the latter is more commendable. I can understand being in a state of awe and having some kind (there are so many!) of love for the ART produced by someone like this – if this kid could sit down and play Chopin Etude after Chopin Etude I would seriously applaud his ability. HOWEVER, if I KNEW that he was being coerced to play – and had been coerced stretching back before his memories started – I don’t know that I would call my admiration for his skill “respect.” There are two completely different ideas there – and two ideas upon which most of our post-industrial revolutionary world has more or less been based. *I’ll let you think about that one!*

At any rate, that is what I have been thinking about in my “laughter.” At least in part. I have been sticking to my “flexibility” routine stretching 10 minutes a day and although I have some pain in my 85-year-old-looking hips, I can already tell I am starting to “loosen” up a bit. Please join me in the flexibility “challenge” if you can physically do so! It doesn’t have to be a lot either – basic calf stretches and ankle rolls and simple yoga poses – whatever you can do and whatever works for you!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving (if you are here in the good ol’ USA … heh.) – more on that one, fo sho! – and I hope you are all having a happy and healthy evening wherever you are in the world!

❤ Always, Beth


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