Is It “Racist” To Like A Specific CULTURE?

I realize this topic has little to do with chronic disease per se, but it is one I have been thinking about a lot lately. I have this “attraction” to SOME Japanese guys – some of them fall very much into my “type” (many do not) and I am just attracted in general to (some of) the culture and very much to the language. HOWEVER, I have to note the Title here because I have read so many comments on YouTube videos and on other blogs and websites, &c., that it is “racist” to say you like people from a SPECIFIC COUNTRY. Rather than saying “I like Japanese guys,” I “should” say “I like East Asian guys” in order to be “politically correct.”

Aside from the debates about “political correctness,” I feel like this is backwards. I would love to know what others think, but to me, replacing a specific with a TYPE (type / token thing again … heh) is a kind of “fallacy” at best. Imagine if a Japanese guy said “Oh, I like white chicks,” rather than saying he likes Americans or South Africans or Australians or Germans or Russians. Isn’t saying you like WHITE people MORE racist than saying you like people from a certain area? The “like” to me isn’t JUST about the looks – as I mentioned above, many Japanese guys do not fall into that super thin AND very tall (among other things …) category and many do – but it is the ADDED element of intelligence / dedication to study and whatever else that person has decided to do in life (and / or to chosen field) as well as the culture that I like that makes the like specific to the Japanese. Would I date a Korean guy? Of course! I am not saying I would not date any other East Asians, period, I am just saying there is something about the culture of the Japanese and the way they behave (no offense, Korea, but the fixation on appearance is just a little too much for me. I realize this is prevalent in Japan as well but there is more “wiggle room” and growing acceptance of mixed ethnicity – “Rola” is a great example of this) – and I LOVE the language. It is my favorite language tied for first along with Romanian (seriously, that’s a BEAUTIFUL language – give it a listen!). It’s a personal thing, of course, but I think the idea that it’s “racist” NOT to replace a specific country with a very vague “race” is wackadoodles. I would much rather be liked for espousing certain tenets (that’s difficult to say as an American these days …) and for the way I speak, &c., than just for having white skin and lighter eyes and hair. That’s more “racist” to me.

So that’s my rant for the morning! I am running late, but with any luck I will be back soon! I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day and I would love your input on this topic!

❤ Always, Beth


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