“Blind” Faith …

So those of you who know me or those of you who have been reading here know I have been having a lot of eye issues again recently. I did manage to get my appointment BACK with my “regular” retinal specialist … however my vision has been intermittently so bad I cannot see well enough to read with the largest font settings on my phone and computer, &c. (to make a long and convoluted story short, I made the appointment, was made to cancel it by the idiot doctor I saw who actually erased DATA from my file; I was then told I had to see a uveitis specialist in Philadelphia – I called to make that appointment and they wouldn’t let me because aforementioned a$$hole doctor had failed to send my medical records; they called me about a week later and SCHEDULED THE APPOINTMENT FOR ME IN A VOICEMAIL – AN APPOINTMENT I CAN’T MAKE! I called back to change that appointment and they made the SECOND appointment while I was saying “hold on, I have to check …” *CLICK!* Finally, furiously and with the help of family, I managed to get my initial appointment WITH THE DOCTOR I HAVE SEEN FOR YEARS back because the receptionist at the uveitis specialist’s office agreed that he would have wanted certain tests performed before he saw me anyway! *PHEW!*).

At any rate, several days ago I had written to a certain Japanese subscription box because I thought the subscription date was the 28, not the 26 (again, when you cannot see well, that is difficult to see!). At any rate, I explained my situation and asked if I could cancel the remaining subscription and be refunded. Needless to say, I did not receive a response and had to bug the company on social media. I finally received an email last night (had to re-read this morning because I could not read it last night) that said something to the effect of “too bad, the fine print says you accept to have your subscription renewed every 30 days.”

Here is my problem. I have never disliked this company. I have never had an issue with this company. I do now. I explained in more detail than necessary that I am going through some extensive medical problems right now. I have not yet contacted “them” back since I sent them an email last night basically acknowledging I received an email from them (I saw the bright red logo) but I couldn’t read it because of the state of my eyes. I do not expect to have received a response to that response. But what I am driving at is …. if they would have simply ALLOWED ME to skip a month subscription, I would be MUCH MORE LIKELY TO SUBSCRIBE BACK IN DECEMBER … AND THEN IN JANUARY FOR THE NEW YEAR … AND THEN THROUGH MARCH, BECAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, &C. But NOW, I simply do not respect their “business model;” i.e., make money at the expense of the people who are not “big names.” Well, I plan to be a big name, so I would hold that one! But seriously … to get a few dollars from someone who literally cannot see the difference between a “6” and an “8” or “9” (I have this in the largest font, by the way, as I am typing … as I am on the way to the prosthodontist!) and to lose out even that ONE person’s $$ in the long run? It doesn’t make sense to me. And I can guarantee I will no longer be purchasing this company’s subscription boxes and I will make as big of a stink about it when I can do so! Like … this company is not suffering for money. And as I mentioned before, I would have re-subscribed for Christmas and then for New Years and then through my birthday and onward … most people would, I think! But to be treated poorly? I don’t think most people would willingly relinquish their hard-earned $$ to a company who when told you cannot see tells you “well, the ‘contract’ says *blah blah blah!*'” Not nice.

At any rate, I wonder if you have experienced something like this – with chronic disease or due to other circumstances. I will follow-up on this … but I just feel like it is “bad business” and bad … ethics and humanity, in general. I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day, at least! I will be busy having my teeth … yeah … can’t think too much about that this early!!

❤ Always, Beth


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