Time …

I object to the objections “allowed” in marriage; those words, “speak now, or forever hold your peace” seem like a non-essential decoration more than anything “meaningful.” How realistic or likely is it that those who would need to object or want to object would just happen to be in the same place at the same time? If so, would these words need to be spoken? It just seems a little goofy to me.

The BIG question is over time – if, in fact, you have made the “correct” choice, and you haven’t jumped the gun because of x, y, z. Kids don’t count, assuming they’re not being held AGAINST you. That is, if someone loves you down the line and you realize you aren’t really in love with the person with whom you thought you were in love, then kids should never stand in the “way.” If a person LOVES YOU, he or she would NEVER use your children as a pawn against you … at least in my “philosophy.” Of course, my philosophy also says “I have no problem with kids but I want none of my own; I would NEVER wish this disease on anyone, especially innocent lives I claim to ‘love.'” It also says we live in an incredibly fragile world and I cannot guarantee my own future nevertheless guarantee the future past 2100, &c. That, however, has no effect on lives that already exist – and, as I said above, I have no issues with that. I’m getting terribly off-topic here….

At any rate, it just seems … like something of its own “tautology” to utter the words “speak now or forever hold your peace,” because I don’t think most people are challenged so directly, so-to-speak. The “challenge,” as it were, comes years down the line when you meet someone who you SHOULD have waited for; it shows up as someone you once loved and who somehow shows up again in your life, it shows up when you travel somewhere you have always wanted to visit and fall for someone who lives there, &c.. &c. &c. If all people who were “meant” to be together, if you accept that premise, were together in the same place at the same time, I would think there would ultimately be very few problems in life, in general – so many problems arise from the “lack” of “love” between men and women who are “bound” together.

At any rate, these were the thoughts I had this morning getting myself somewhat together. I must have had some amazing dreams last night because I woke myself up twice laughing! I hope you are all having that kind of day wherever you are in the world and I with any luck, I will be back later to talk more “Behcet’s” and perhaps more about these “chains of coincidence” (the implications there are intriguing as well!). The ”じゃまたした” that is not one’s じゃ股下 …!

❤ Always, Beth


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