The Wisdom of … “Gossip Girl?!?!?”

Who ever would have thought I would be quoting “Gossip Girl?!” But here I am and here it is – something to think about in many contexts –

“It’s not the secrets that cause the problems; it’s the assumptions that people make about them.”

This doesn’t apply just to “secrets;” it applies to relationships we see between other people and relationships WE have with other people; the actions of others and what we assume their INTENTIONS are (when we can NEVER know another person’s true intentions!) and what we might have “done” that caused them to behave in certain ways; it can even apply to situations like getting a bad grade in a class (for example, I had to take my Statistics 201 Final over the summer because I had been hospitalized that semester and the professor was kind enough to let me take it to finish the class; when I got my grades, I saw an “F” and literally fell to the ground, devastated – I thought I had done as well as I could have done, probably around a B but no lower than a C, considering stats is NOT my strong suit but I had studied MY ASS OFF; after I got “over myself,” I contacted the professor to find out all the information I thought I knew and apparently didn’t know … and that contact triggered the professor’s realization that he had completely forgotten EVEN TO GRADE MY EXAM – I had gotten an “A.”).

I want to write more about Behcet’s and what it is (and what it isn’t as in my last post here, Hegel-style …), but I thought I would leave you today with that thought. Always question your “assumptions;” I strongly advocate going with your “gut instinct” or what your “heart wants,” but they are not the same as assuming things – assumptions occur when we drag our own “baggage” and fears into areas where they don’t necessarily belong. It’s a good practice to get into to try to stop yourself when you start to jump to conclusions and make assumptions that are probably far from the truth if and when you realize those assumptions arise from your own insecurities and other “issues.”

At any rate, I have had an interesting night, and this quoting “Gossip Girl” kind of rounds things out for me! I hope to *remember* with my “steroid brain” to write about chains of coincidence (perhaps again …) because I just experienced another albeit unrelated “sequence of events.” I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world and I will be back again soon!

❤ Always, Beth

^^and yes, my heart is still very much ALWAYS with YOU….


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