Monday Motivation – Motivators

I believe firmly in having something around you in your living space that acts as at least one source of motivation for what you ultimately want in your life. I think this is true whether you suffer from chronic disease / illness or not; although I think it is ESPECIALLY important for those of us with chronic illness because we tend to forget the “bigger picture” around us and we tend to lose sight of the things we ultimately want in our lives.

For me, I have found that FOR NOW, having ONE or TWO very nice handbags out that I look at and say “OH YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!” (creepy or not!) is what helps me. I need to put up my kanji poster because that is what helps me stay motivated toward learning Japanese and going to Japan despite chronic illness affecting me so severely for so much longer than I ever anticipated, but the bags help me stay focused in terms of staying happy and staying focused on success both in terms of what I NEED AND what I WANT. If you have those few bags (or more, if you’re lucky!) that hold their value, that’s motivation in and of itself! I certainly am not someone who would ever buy an Hermes Kelly or Birkin (for more reasons than one!) and I cannot yet afford the “perfect” Chanel bag, but the few that I do have and that I do set out to look at are important to me.

Are there specific items that you use or have around, especially if you have chronic illness, that “inspire you?” Do you find “aesthetically pleasing” items and/or (^/v) surroundings to be especially important for you?

I will talk about this more later – I have something of a crazy day and BACK TO THE DENTIST I GO! *Story of my life, it seems!* I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world and I hope to talk about this in greater detail very soon!

❤ Always, Beth


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