Waiting … Waiting …

Good morning, my fellow East Coast readers – and good afternoon, evening, and night to the rest of yinz! I know I have not come ’round to writing my HIGHLY ANTICIPATED “contentment” post yet (haha I needed the early morning laugh!), but I just wanted to throw one quite comment out into the “blogverse” / Universe before I jumped into this quasi-crazy day.


I have made some pretty amazing friends just by reaching out to seemingly “untouchable” people. I realized yesterday and in some of my other social media “posts” that my “SCREAMING” (now) aimed at Lady Gaga might seem somewhat sophomoric – but it is not in any way. I really hope I can somehow grab her attention or the attention of someone else (if she hears me and ignores me, that’s on her! Same with anyone else and everyone else! No one is “better than” anyone else!) just to bring some legit AWARENESS AND CHANGE to the even more legit plights of the disabled and chronically ill. People in general do not realize how terrifying it is to be in that position of being “unsafe” in your body as it is; to not be ASSURED of things like basic safety in housing and having food and medication and not being INSURED are things that are just not acceptable in this day and age in this country with so many people with hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. Like … I cannot even begin to tell you some of the horror stories of those I have known with diseases like seropositive RA who have had to GO BACK TO THE STREETS AND HEROIN BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT AFFORD NOT ONLY PAIN MEDICATION BUT THEY COULD NOT AFFORD MEDICATION THAT CONTROLLED THEIR UNDERLYING DISEASES. That is NOT OKAY and SOMEONE NEEDS TO HELP US – as I said in an earlier post, we are honestly the most silenced of the marginalized groups necessarily – we are often too weak, tired, and sick to really stand up and fight the way we need to stand up and fight for the basic human rights others take for granted. More on that later, no doubt.

All I mean here is that you NEVER KNOW who might be your friend – and who might just be a total asshole – until you try to reach out to people. Some people might be impossible to get through to – I realize this is a product of the “system” in which we live BUT I do also place some of that “heft” on the shoulders of the “famous people” who go to crazy lengths to guard themselves even from hearing voices like mine here. That is not my point! My point is just that you MUST remember ALWAYS that you are not less than the most famous, awarded, talented, &c. &c. person on the planet – if there is someone you feel compelled to contact, go after it and reach for that person! Again, if he or she hears you and listens, you are that much closer to your goal! If he or she hears you and ignores you, that person isn’t worth your time! And if he or she DOESN’T hear you, well, that goes back to the aforementioned guarding.

At any rate, I do hope to be back with said “contentment” post later today – I have A LOT to get done kind of early this morning and I’m still working with whatever affliction has made me so weak and ill the past few days. I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world! And always remember my heart is ALWAYS with YOU!!!

❤ Always, Beth


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