I just had to write this here right now for a number of reasons ranging from joyous to scary to horrifying. At any rate, my ADVICE for tonight is this – DO NOT WAIT TO CELEBRATE. DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT BIRTHDAY … DO NOT WAIT FOR AN “OCCASION” OR A “HOLIDAY.” Even if you feel poorly on a given day, if you can get up and function enough to be able to see clearly (I mean that in every way one can mean it) and to be able to move around freely and to DO THINGS, DO NOT WAIT! As I have said here now more times than I care to count, THERE IS ALWAYS TIME UNTIL THERE ISN’T … AND THERE ISN’T ALWAYS COMES TOO SOON! Do not wait on time to CELEBRATE THE LIFE WITH WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED (you have been blessed, even if your life seems or feels like a curse – trust me, I have spent a sizeable percentage of my “time” living in that mental space); you have access to the Internet and you therefore likely have some degree of safety – at least for the now – along with other “necessities.” Just don’t fall in line with the rest of the world … don’t give up that childish hope and happiness. BE YOU. If you have kids, spend as much time as you can with them before they are “too old;” there comes a time very early on when kids don’t want to vacation with their families anymore … and that time creeps closer and closer both as the kids grow up and as time quantitatively progresses. DO A TWIRL. GIVE A THUMBS UP. DO A DANCE! Say “HI!” to the people you pass on the street and GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP OTHERS. Just … CELEBRATE. You don’t need a reason to do so … life is enough, even life with chronic illness. There are many things we can’t do, but rather than falling back to comparison, look forward and at all the amazing things YOU CAN DO AND WILL DO.

AND ALWAYS MAKE A WISH! No candles required. Although a piece of cake here and there is just fine and even putting a candle in a cupcake and blowing it out alone at your apartment is super A+ awesome!

That is all!

My heart is ALWAYS with YOU….

❤ Always, Beth


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