11 September

I do want to write something up about “9/11” or “September 11” or however you “call” “it.” BUT it is crucial for me to do so TOMORROW. So for now, I just want to say that I remember and will never forget that day – I am sure all of those of us who were old enough to remember know exactly where we were and with whom and what else was going on. It was a beautiful blue early fall day … only a few clouds in the sky … and being so close to New York, I really thought that we might be able to SEE it. We couldn’t.

At any rate, I want to acknowledge the fact that I am remembering all those we lost to the anathemas that have collectively become known as the date on which they occurred. I pray still for those who lost family members and friends and partners and I pray for those whose health was negatively affected. I thank God (and the Universe) for the inherent GOODNESS of others who rushed to help and who continued to help for so long afterward. Manhattan is a very different place now (and on that day) than it was when I was much younger. But to this day the skyline looks … wrong … without the Twin Towers.

I hope you are having a happy and healthy day and, as I mentioned earlier, I will be writing more about this tomorrow or the next day (for good reason). Please just remember, my heart is STILL with YOU.

❤ Always, Beth


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