Beth’s “Fantasies” List

  • Re-join “WaniKani” and get not only BACK to the “level” at which I had “mastered” a few years ago but basically finish it out – learn enough kanji to be able to read basic Japanese newspapers, signs, menus, &c.; learn to speak more proficiently; learn grammar (counters!)
  • Keep drilling away at the piano! Re-learn Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonanata and Pathetique Sonata in FULL (I’m getting there!); keep drilling at Hanon; keep working on sightreading and technique and basic dexterity for left hand, reach in right; Chopin Revolutionary and Winter Wind Etudes; more after all of those have been “achieved”
  • Do PT exercises EVERY DAY (this one is tough … the exercises are not “difficult” per se, they are difficult enough but they TAKE A LONG TIME TO GET THROUGH, like 90 mins….)
  • Re-learn Spanish to the point where I can communicate and understand those around me (as best as possible; I have come to the conclusion that Spanish is difficult insofar as there is no like “Standard Spanish;” every country / area has at least one dialect and a STRONG dialect)
  • Re-learn as much French as possible – easier than the above!
  • Get my cello post fixed and start playing it again
  • Edit and organize my book
  • Re-learn all the information from the Bio 1 class I took ages ago – I have the textbook; just go through the textbook and re-learn; repeat with Calc
  • Figure out a way to get my “abs” back without doing anything that would break more vertebrae

This is to be continued! I just wanted to put a start down so you can see an idea of what I’m talking about. There doesn’t have to be an order to any of this – you don’t even have to finish one at a time (unless something requires you to finish one before moving on to the next, like say you want to learn Physics but you remember very little of your maths – you should probably go back and work on those / that first!).

I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day and weekend! It looks beautiful outside – hoping to be able to head out shortly – I definitely have a cold again! I will continue adding to this list and I hope you are working on your list(s) and adding to them as time goes on as well!

❤ Always, Beth


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