Happy Wednesday!

I have always had a “bad feeling” about Wednesday … Thursdays and Sundays are worse, but Wednesday is just like the middle that lukewarm pizza is – like, pizza is good hot and pizza is good cold … but just a little warm? Eh … not so much. I have had a run of some weird and “bad” Wednesdays over the last few months, but today I just want to bring up the idea of “the right person at the wrong time” or “the right idea at the wrong time” or “the wrong person at the right time” or however you want to construct that kind of almost successful failure.

I have come to the fairly simple conclusion that people who say “the right person at the wrong time can’t be the right person, necessarily” are right, deductively, but as far as life goes – in all its chaotic “glory” – I do very much believe that we can meet the right people at the wrong times in our lives; that we can stumble upon an idea that does us no good for years and years and years; that we can have children at the “wrong time” both for US AND FOR THEM, &c. &c. &c. If we take the example of being interested in someone who is older than you are who got married to another person at a time in your life (for me, for example) when you were very sick or just “too young,” there is no SET reason why that person is NOW the “wrong” person for you. If this person is “meant” to be with YOU, the previous relationship was not “WRONG” either – say this person wanted more than anything to have his own biological kids – something which you (like me) are completely not interested in. That makes the previous relationship completely RIGHT. Things CHANGE with time – as I have said here time and again, the only “stasis” in life is “chaos,” and we need to accept that and to learn to work with that in our lives. Things like marriage in which one genuinely intends on being with another person HIS OR HER ENTIRE LIFE (that come with 50%+/- failure rates!) are just things we have to start to learn to break away from more easily – there is no reason you cannot love the person you were once IN LOVE WITH and fall IN LOVE AGAIN with another person. Every relationship has a meaning and a purpose; every experience in which we put ourselves out there has meaning and intent and teaches us SOMETHING. I very much agree that both “the right person at the wrong time” and “the right person at the right time” are true and highly compatible. I cannot go back in time and predict where I should have lived at a certain point in my life when I was very young so I could have the opportunity to BE with someone I might find a decade later – just the age and the period of chronic illness make that a logical impossibility. So why is it that we regard leaving the ONCE “right person” who is now at the “WRONG TIME” (or you could say the “wrong person”) as something intrinsically “bad?” If something positive was achieved from that relationship, there isn’t really anything wrong about it except for the timing NOW.

I hope that was at all coherent! It is something I have been giving a lot of thought these days and something which interests me greatly. I will surely be coming back to this topic in upcoming posts! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world. MY HEART is ALWAYS with YOU….

❤ Always, Beth


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