Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend …

Funny, this book was actually sitting on the very top box of the very top pile of boxes of books i have yet to “unload” onto my shelves. These nights at the “new place” have been spent either sleeping more soundly than I can remember sleeping in years and years and years or sleeping horribly with non-stop nightmares. This has been the latter type of night.

I don’t really want to talk too much about the kind of dreams or the dream I just had (there is a DEFINITE pattern); suffice it to say they are nightmares and they are not nightmares that I really should even be having because even in the pale light of the moon, I see very clearly that the things I seem to need so desperately in these dreams are never things I want or would want at this point in my life.

On that cliffhanger, I suppose I will bid you an “I do, adieu.” That says everything.

❤ Always, Beth

P.S. I have my ginger baby with me and he might be a needy little guy but he sure does love me and I sure do love him!!! And it helps to have a red-headed friend around in times of need 🙂


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