” … is forever enough?”

One note to end the night on – I just want to be perfectly clear that I WHOLEHEARTEDLY MEAN IT WHEN I SAY that if you need help or need someone to talk to or just someone who will listen, and not judge, I AM HERE. I cannot tell you how important it is for me to convey that as succinctly and directly as possible. Whether you are someone I have never met or a good friend or an acquaintance or someone I just “happen” to know or anything in between any of those “groups,” I just want you to know I AM HERE. Whatever you’re going through, you are NOT alone.

If you go to bed thinking how bad things are … if you go to bed wishing you were somewhere else … if you go to bed wishing you were next to someone else … don’t suffer in silence. PLEASE. I know how isolating chronic illness can be and I cannot know (necessarily) how isolating “regular” life can be, especially in cases in which the picture looks perfect from the outside but is nothing but rotten on the inside … but I can try to understand. And I can empathize. And believe it or not, I really am a very good “listener.” Just know that I am here.

Have a good one, everyone. My heart is ALWAYS with YOU.

❤ Always, Beth


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