I just wanted to “pop” back in and say I am incredibly happy right now. I will explain the story as soon as I can do so – this has been a LONG day and yesterday was a LONG day … I will fill yinz in but I don’t want to rush any of it and I am undoubtedly unconsciously exhausted. At any rate, I hope you all have a night (or day!) as wonderful as the one I had today (things could be MORE wonderful, but that’s a conversation that has begun elsewhere on this blog and will continue along other lines!) and I am wishing you happiness and health wherever you are in the world! I wish I could make any of what’s going on in my head/mind/heart make any sense but I cannot … I genuinely believe time will reveal what it has in store regarding all of that. BUT, for tonight, I am taking my own advice and celebrating the little bit of peace of mind and security I have and I am taking some time just to be grateful for the things I DO have. I hope you do the same – it really can do wonders to every part of your life the way exuding an air of confidence does – and so many of us with chronic disease just need a second to breathe and to FEEL GOOD. So with that, please just say a little “prayer” of thanks for whatever it is you might be thankful for and know that my heart is ALWAYS with YOU! I will be back tomorrow 😉

❤ Always, Beth


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