First Love …

Good morning, my fellow Americans! And good afternoon, evening, and night to YINZ from the rest of the world! I am just*popping in* here this morning to see how it feels writing about MY “first love.” I don’t know if it was actually my first LOVE … things get a little jumbly in my head because at the time there was more than one love going on and certainly more than one relationship going on (and, of course, I’m not sure the parties involved were aware of each other … not that it really matters now, however many years later!) – a “strategy,” we’ll call it, that I carried with me to college …. and that taught me that despite my affinity toward Russian men, the hardcore Russians tend to stick with … Russian women (I don’t know, I can’t explain it, it’s just there! Tall, dark, skinny … tall, blonde, skinny / muscular … somewhere in the middle …. yeah – I’ve got nothing. I can just say without question and without hesitation I have dated more RUSSIANS – and Ukrainians – than I have dated any other “nationality” or “group” of people … inexplicable as it might be). I could pass for being Russian if I give off that kind of air, but I’m past the playing games part of my life. AT ANY RATE.

I have been watching the series “Medium” on Hulu and this photography episode somehow made me think of my “first love;” between the flashes and the music, it hit me like I was re-living the experience. It is something I think about frequently enough to merit writing about it, and I think I will try to do so here in a weeee bit. I also want to discuss the friendship thing at greater length as this was a topic broached by a fellow BD “warrior” (are there really no “good” words we can utilize here? Like … there has to be something between “sufferer” and “patient” and then bloody “warrior.” Like, I know I have fought for my life, thanks much – I don’t really need the title to be reminded of it!) and I think it is owed a more in-depth talk – just about how we can come to socialize when we are so very isolated by our own bodies.

So! I have those two topics to write about here today and I have the topics I mentioned YESTERDAY that I want to bring back today! Let’s see what I can get a-cookin’! I’ll be back soon, lovey doves! Thanks much for reading and as always, I hope you are having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world!!

My heart is always with YOU.

❤ Always, Beth


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