I have started writing several “posts” now for this week but I keep going back to this handful of ideas I have in general so I’m just going with that for now and perhaps next week I will finish up the “almost done” posts. AT ANY RATE! I believe it was on my YouTube channel several years ago that I had this “THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY” idea (I haven’t really gone back to look at my channel because I know I got very sick when I had to stop making videos and it was terrible timing as those things tend to be, &c.) and I just wanted to continue that here.

My “THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY!” “thought” is, admittedly, not my own – unless I state otherwise, like I am doing here, all ideas that I put forward are, as far as I know, my own. That is to say that I have not read them somewhere and simply paraphrased or regurgitated them here in some slightly different form – they are ideas I have compiled in my head from different sources or ideas that have organically arisen from things making sense or not making sense, &c. With that said, the following “thought” is from the late Wayne Dyer. I do not recall his precise words, but the general idea was something to the effect of –


I am sure Dr. Dyer phrased that a little more eloquently when it was written or spoken; however, the idea does come across and I think it’s an important one for us to remember no matter what it is we are facing. I think it is especially pertinent for me right now as I am facing this barrage of panic attacks – panic attacks that are sparked by steroids but whose basEs are in reality and the problems from which they arise are VERY real. It is a challenge for me to attempt to address any of these issues / problems with the foggy head I am left with trying to cut back on the steroids on my last little “leg” of the journey, so-to-speak. But I do try to remember this little bit of wisdom – that if there is something I CAN do something about, try to do it (I talk about this at length elsewhere as well – stay tuned!) – don’t take the Star Wars “try” stance on things because then you’re just making everything black and white and putting yourself in a rock / hard place situation with every situation. I say “try” here because the EFFORT to do something is ACTION, not FAILURE or INACTION – it is NOT the default state if you put effort into doing something and it doesn’t quite work out. Take the tiniest step you can make if that’s what you need to do – it doesn’t matter; but if it is a problem you can do something about, DO SOMETHING about it, no matter HOW small. There really are many shades of grey in that “DO SOMETHING” regarding the doing of any one thing.

I don’t know if I would say that the “doing something about what you can do something about” is “half the battle;” it seems like it might be a little more or a little less depending on the day and the fights raging on in your head at the time. For me right now it does seem to be a 50/50 kind of deal – the other half, of course, being NOT WORRYING about the things over which you exert no control (again, I do not want to delve into the realm of whether or not we have “free will” – that is an argument I leave to the future Drs. Hawking – as of now, at least, it is beyond my particular intellectual “interest”). This can be a huge issue to confront – especially if the things you can’t do anything about are a result of PAST CHOICES you have made – I think this is the area where things do get a little fuzzy and we start beating ourselves up the most. But take things from THIS POINT ON. See what is here and now – remember TAUTOLOGY TUESDAY – the perpetuation of past “investments” that haven’t yielded positive outcomes is just that – perpetuation. We should not fool ourselves into believing that the future will magically be better because we have invested x time or money or love or WHATEVER into said thing or project or job or person when history tells us the investments haven’t had positive results. Is is the delusion that things will just spontaneously improve; the delusion that worrying about something that has already happened or over which we have NO control will have some kind of impact on that problem – it won’t. I can think about person N all day long and how I wish “he” would do this and that and blah blah … but I have no control over person N. Even if person N were my brother or my father or my partner – I have no CONTROL over what he ultimately chooses to do (that is a realization I think most people do not reach, sadly. That’s in the aforementioned control bit as well! See, it all comes together!).

So with all of that said, I will leave you to try to spend the rest of your day EITHER IN ACTION OR IN ACTION BY CHOOSING INACTION (i.e., not “failure” since it is a CHOICE MADE – i.e. choosing NOT to worry about something is DOING something about that something!). Think about that and take baby steps toward doing whatever it is you’re worried about that you DO have control over.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you are having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world! *Aside – please bear with me! As I decrease the steroids, my vision tends to get very bad for a few days – and I am in the VERY BAD vision part of this “drop!”*

❤ Always, Beth


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