Good Morning?

Hello world! I am writing to inform yinz that yes, I did miss yesterday. And yes, this is a “filler post” just to let you know that I am on my way out to CHURCH with a friend (*gasp!* I actually used to go to church religiously … heh.); but I do plan on writing more here later – particularly on the topic of “nightmares.” Lately I seem to be having these “nightmares” reflecting on my state of “aloneness” … except the characters in the dream seem to be replacing people in MY current life (they are people who actually exist and one person with whom I had a long relationship; however, I have no interest in this person whatsoever so it is interesting that my “nightmares” are taking this shape – something I’m looking into!). I think the parallels are presenting because the life situation is very parallel in many ways (not mine; the “people” who are replacing others), although perhaps the positions are flipped.

At any rate, I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world! I am off for now (dear GOD I haven’t been to church in years and years!) but I will do my very very best to be back soon! Have a great morning (or evening or afternoon!) and remember my heart is always with YOU.

❤ Always, Beth


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