Thursday Thought

I am still one sick chick so this is going to be another SHORT ONE.

I just want to say there is one important thing in life – FUN. To (re-)clarify, I do not agree with this current “positivism” movement in many, MANY ways; the same goes for much of this “New Age” mumbo jumbo. That doesn’t mean I find NOTHING useful in the “tenets” of these sorts of “movements,” I just find their overall “messages” and often their arguments weak, at best. The idea of living for happiness is absolutely foolish to me. It’s kind of like hoping you’ll get into Heaven so you can sit around all day in absolute bliss. I don’t know … I don’t really “advocate” suffering (few people do), but what’s the “point” if you’re content and at peace in and with everything? There has to be more to discover in order to inspire – and in order for there to be more to discover there has to be more that is unknown, and for there to be anything unknown, there must arise the dissatisfaction that comes with NOT knowing and the curiosity that follows that dissatisfaction.

HOWEVER, I think “we” tend to forget how to have “good, clean fun” as adults. Many adults put their “having fun” weight on their children – which is okay in some ways, but not fair in others. There is nothing wrong with living at least somewhat vicariously through your children. But their lives will never be yours and you can never be satisfied with yourself through their actions. WE HAVE TO REMEMBER HOW WE HAD FUN AS KIDS OURSELVES and carry that with us in everything we do in life. I think it is not only one of the most important things to remember but one of the keys to just about everything I can think of in life – from being happy with yourself to being able to pull yourself through bad times to having good relationships and finding a career that works for you to allowing your kids to be their own kids (my idea of fun, for example, was very different than my sister’s idea of fun when we were kids – and both ideas were very different from the ideas of fun my mother and father had). I truly believe that if you can know yourself well enough to know what you are all about, having fun will follow. It might seem silly for me to be writing this because I realize I often come off as an incredibly serious person. However, my friends, old and new, and others who know me well know that there are few people on the planet who can have as much fun as I can with as little “stimulation” or external need for things like drinking in order to have fun. I just … love to have fun. Hahaha.

At any rate, I hope you are all having a happy and healthy week – certainly a healthier week than I have had! – wherever you are in the world! With any luck I will be back with some more of my “traditional” posts tomorrow. For the time being, just know that my heart is always with YOU. And for MY sake, please go have some fun! Skip while you’re walking down the street. Do a heel click. Look at some photos you know will make you laugh your ass off. Relive hilarious memories in your mind. Thank you for reading and I will be back again very soon!

❤ Always, Beth


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