” … the most rewarded things in life are earned….” umm…?

So imma come back to this one! But I just caught the end of an ad playing in the background that said ” … because the most rewarded things in life are earned.” It immediately struck me as … dissonant. Perhaps the statement makes more sense the other way around? I don’t think this is a statement of any sort of striking veracity in any capacity, but I wanted to make note of it here because it is certainly an interesting “thought” – however foolish it might be – and worth discussing!

And on that note, I am off to bed! By the by, if you are *yet again!* not an English major / didn’t major in English / didn’t go to college yet or before, &c., I highly recommend every native English speaker to read Erasmus. Truly amazing, insightful, and hilarious – especially given the general “humor” of writing at the time . One of my top 20 books, without question. Have a great, happy, and healthy night (or day!) everyone!

❤ Always, Beth

And I WILL be back for more on WEDNESDAY! Wisdom Wednesday, here I come!!


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