Wednesday Wisdom

I realize it is not Wednesday but I was having a “root canal” (really “root canal treatment”) this Wednesday so I thought it would post it here now – I know I am likely to come up with something else for next week! At any rate, it does all tie together – I was talking with one of the “staff” members before the “root canal” and we learned we had some very specific medical issues in common although this person’s specific circumstances were slightly more “severe” than mine. We got talking about this issue and about neighbors (I mentioned my incredible neighbors that I hate to move away from) and just about how you never know when you are going to meet people who are friends and you never know what other people are going through – that you can look fine on the outside and put on a good show but be going through hell on the inside, medically or otherwise.

So, to make this post legitimately short, I just want to offer this “wisdom;” BE KIND TO OTHERS EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT SO KIND TO YOU BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH.

I hope you are all having a happy and healthy day, wherever you are in the world and I hope you are either having a great weekend or you have a great weekend! Stay safe, everyone.

❤ Always, Beth


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