It Looks Like We’re Up and Running!!!

So this is kind of a “nothing” post; my tooth is definitely broken and I cannot get in to see a dentist until Monday (I have an emergency number if I MUST use it – I tend to avoid the “musts”); I didn’t sleep last night (well, to be precise, I slept one hour last night and one hour this morning, thanks much to my idiot neighbors above who are basically forcing me out of this apartment. It’s okay in some ways because THE NEIGHBORS AROUND? THEY DON’T LIKE YOU!!!) and I am just getting up and getting all my AM meds in my system (this is a daunting task even on a “good” day). I am really praying this move at least affords me the amount of sleep an “average” person needs because this apartment has been hell with these sociopaths – again, a terribly unfortunate problem because I do love this apartment and I guarantee no one will care for it and be so careful about pests, &c., as I do and have been. At any rate, I cannot control the fools of the world other than MOVE; they can ruin someone else’s life (although I will try to ensure that “someone” isn’t someone like me who needs the quiet to live, literally). I am missing the “Sidewalk Sale” uptown on my last Friday here; BUT … it does appear that I finally have my domain issues rectified here and with Host Gator (please avoid them! I had to deal with three different support personnel just to “unlock” my account with them – an account that NEVER WORKED and for which I paid!). So I will be writing more as my brain allows; I am terribly exhausted at the moment and I’m not sure how my tooth is doing because I am trying to make sure I leave it as “alone” as possible – I know the decay is right down to the root chamber and it is not looking good (I would call the endodontist, really, if I weren’t so bloody tired. I just can’t do it today; going on 40+ hours without sleep (sorry! With 2 hours of sleep!) is wearing me down hard – that and the moving.

So here’s the question for you for the day – why is the word “endodontist” not recognized widely on spell checkers but “prosthodontist” is?? I find endodontics much more interesting, truly. I wish I had those mad skills, yo. My fingers can do some kewl tricks … and I will be excited to be able to practice them when I move again! Now, to find the charger for my keyboard and to get the bridge of my cello fixed!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy day wherever you are in the world – and wishing you all more rest and peace wherever you might be!!

❤ always, Beth

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