a little bit more about me …

So right now I am going through a lot of “personal stuff.” I just saw a prosthodontist today for the first time because my teeth have somehow become so misaligned that my bite is completely screwed up resulting in what will likely be a head full of temporary crowns and then crowns. That is for another post! When I got home from the prosthodontist (who told me my teeth were exceptionally clean – I do take incredibly good care of my teeth because if I do not, I believe I would likely start to just lose them) I decided I would eat some of the jelly beans my family had saved for me from Easter (since I haven’t been able to eat anything like that for a very, VERY long time); of course, me being me, I managed to break off a chunk of tooth / bonding, and of course, this was after 5PM on a Thursday. On top of it all I am moving and most of my furniture was hauled off to my new “home” earlier today (I am currently typing at a low table and sitting on a desk chair while hunched over in my back brace); moving, as we all know, is stressful in and of itself, but although my current housing situation is absolutely terrible, I have met some of the most amazing people through my neighbors and I am terribly saddened to have to leave not only this house (because of the other people living here – that is a long story as well!) but because I am moving to a different city (now, this is about a 15-20-minute-long drive away – it is not far, but it is not across the street either). At any rate, I have been struggling with all of these issues for quite some time and with the end of the month approaching, the “reality” of the situation(s) is and are hitting hard.

At any rate, I thought I should backtrack a little bit and introduce myself in a more “conventional” manner. I just wanted to acknowledge that here so I can come back – hopefully sooner rather than later! – and let you all know who I am, what this “blog” is all about, and what my intentions are for writing it. I have a lifetime of experience with “chronic illness,” as I will explain, so I just want everyone out there living with chronic illness of any kind to know that you are NOT ALONE! I know how isolating severe illness can be – how it robs you not only of everything you want but much of what you need, how it takes away all the things you’ve worked your life to get, how you lose friends and family and how no matter how hard you try sometimes, the disease does and will win. And I know what it feels like to have no one to turn to who “gets it” when times get tough. And they get TOUGH. So for now, I just want you to know that I DO UNDERSTAND and I AM HERE and I have been “there,” to the darkest recesses imaginable – and I have come out on the other side: I am hoping to come out of this most recent battle being able to put my sword down for good. I want the same for all of you. But always know I am here for you if you need it.

I will be back with more information about me (hopefully after this tooth gets “fixed” … which entails quite a bit, of course!) as soon as I can do so. I wish you all health and happiness, wherever you might be in the world. And I just want to remind you once again – YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Fight, fight, fight.

❤ Always, Beth


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