Chronic Illness and Dental Problems

This is going to be a short post – for now! I’m just writing to inquire about YOUR chronic illness(es) if you have one (or more than one!) and how the conditions as well as their treatments have affected your teeth. I am currently dealing with a mouthful of already treated teeth … teeth which are developing new cavities after another round of long-term steroids and teeth which have become so difficult as a “case” that I have to see a prosthodontist (in addition to the three root canals I have had in the past few months!). I know several others with Behçet’s who have had very serious dental problems and many who have had many if not all of their teeth extracted. So I am just curious, to all of my chronic illness readers out there – if you have a chronic illness, what is it, and how has it affected your “dental health?” Has the treatment compounded the problems you might have with your teeth? And if you have no dental problems but do have chronic illness, I’d love to hear from you too! This is just a topic I’d love to know more about – especially since the dental and medical fields haven’t really “converged” yet as I personally believe they should. Thanks much for the quick read and I hope you are all having a toothache-free, happy, and healthy day wherever you are in the world!

❤ Beth


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